Networking Workshop for Introverts


Land your next job using LinkedIn.


Do you feel awkward when starting a conversation at a networking event? Are you tired of feeling nervous each time you open LinkedIn to contact people? Or do you find yourself thinking “I wish I was more extraverted so I could be better at networking”?

In this four-hour interactive workshop, we’ll dive into the foundations of what networking is. You’ll learn how to overcome shyness & be a strong communicator. You’ll learn to leverage LinkedIn and land interviews at your favorite companies.


☑️ Overcome self-limiting beliefs & learn to network confidently as an introvert
Learn how networking can help your career to reach your career goals faster
Understand how to attain a growth mindset with networking for life long growth
Optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract your high quality networking leads
Craft connection requests that will 3x your response rate on LinkedIn
Lead an online networking conversation and land an interview at your dream company